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Anna Godlewska

    My passions is repousse, the artistic forming of metal sheets.
From these metal sheets I am creating carved ornaments that are hardened and patinated, and then they are attached to a different back rounds, for example my simple sketches, or pictures.
This creates three-dimensional art.
The end product I call ,,poetic instalations''.

I work with different metals: copper and   aluminum. 
The metal ornaments are created in an innovated way, but by using old techniques that are repousse, carving and chasing.
These techniques forms cold pressing of pits on the other side of metal sheets in different patterns and figures.
Through this the metal comes to life.
The most recognizable piece of art made in this way is Statue of Liberty in NY.
By burrowing, shaping and pressing I give these delicate metals a three dimensional look.
This way of shaping these delicate metals which such details requires a great deal of determination and patience, since it can be very easily irreversibly damaged.
Each detail becomes unique because it is impossible to repeat the thousands of reassess the same as in prior works.

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